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His character and his devotion to mathison are more clear in season 4, quinn, always the ladys man, begins a relationship with the. Iron in the fire carissa pavlica at october 19, 2014 10. After a brilliant finale to season 3, i had pretty much decided that i wouldnt even bother with season 4. Homeland season 4 episode 4 iron in the fire sparks but. Apr 10, 2017 homeland took a long, winding, and at times bewildering path to get to this point. All 3 songs featured in homeland season 4 soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Carries new sex toy the ick factor reaches new heights as claire daness c. Dont read on if you havent seen episode 12 and if youve seen further in the series, please do not leave spoilers. Prisoners of war created by gideon raff and is developed for american television by howard gordon and. Oct 05, 2014 visit tunefind for music from your favorite tv shows and movies. Homeland season 4 finale upsets israel daily mail online. Like, what actually happened, it was an hour of filler, when it was entirely possible to wrap everything up in that time. In the final season, saul, the seasoned deepstater cia veteran. For the second year in a row, homeland went with a more epiloguestyle finale that distanced itself a bit from the primary events of the season in this case.

While some mayve wished that homeland season 4, episode 12 wouldve been a little more actionpacked like other recent episodes, the show spent a surprisingly large amount of time focused on. The first two seasons were like the buildup to a major car crash. Homelands fourth season is starting to resemble a close relative. The entire meeting folds when the man says that he agreed to a chat not an interrogation. Read allisons homeland recap for season 4, episode 4, iron in the fire, starring claire danes, mandy patinkin, rupert friend, and mark moses. Dec 19, 2011 the most impressive part of homeland is that, even at the onset of the season finale, entitled marine one, the viewer is still unsure of how the events will unravel.

Review the 90minute episode is briskly paced and follows the preparations made by brody and his supposeddead counterpart tom walker chris chalk in order to strike as the. Take a look with this sneak peek into the actionpacked season 4. I was truly disappointed with the final episode where most of the characters are back stateside, after. Homeland tv series 20112020 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. In the finale, carrie deals with death and betrayal.

As far as the finale goes, its title, long time coming, could easily be a comment on carrie and quinns frank relationship talk, or perhaps it has something to do with the passionate postfuneral kiss they engaged in. The man shows interest in how saul knew there was an operative present but rebuffs everything else. Carries cia career takes off when she becomes an overseas station chief, but but every drone strike and tactical raid comes at a cost and she quickly learns the true price of power. Quinn and carrie claire danes in a scene from episode 12.

This blog is for people watching homeland on channel 4. Iron in the fire, 40, 4, 4wah04, october 19, 2014, 1. God fucking damn that sucked, i was half expecting confirmation of a th episode next week at the end there, you cant end the best season yet with one of the shows most boring episodes ever. In a languid season 4 finale, homeland gets personal. One of the pleasures of watching carrie mathison operate on homeland is the razor thin line shes always. The episode, at its best, highlighted how diplomacy can be easily. Oct 05, 2014 homeland next on episode 1 season 4 homeland on showtime. Oct 20, 2014 season 4s latest twist is sexual, horrifying, and all too familiar.

Homeland season 4 episode 4 iron in the fire sparks but cant light. There were some shocking developments on homeland season 4 episode 4. Showtime renewed the series for a fourth season of 12 episodes on october 22, 20. Homeland full episodes season all, homeland full episodes download, homeland watch full episodes, homeland streaming film, homeland full streaming, homeland download link, homeland. It took me until 2 days ago to finally give it a chance and ended up bingewatching the entire 4th season. Homeland is back on top, with a renewed energy and focus not seen since its first season. If homeland has taught us anything, however, its that the slow rewards are worth it. The series started as a loosely based variation of the twoseason run of the israeli television series hatufim english. Its anyones guess exactly which plotline this episodes title, iron in the fire, was meant in reference toso packed was this hour of homeland with doublecrossing, nailbiting. The episode was directed by michael offer and written by coexecutive producer patrick harbinson. The finest rulebreakers know how that the best way to control an enemy is to get them to trust you.

May 28, 2015 its anyones guess exactly which plotline this episodes title, iron in the fire, was meant in reference toso packed was this hour of homeland with doublecrossing, nailbiting. The episodes most compelling moments came as the main characterscarrie, saul, and quinn. Homeland seriesfinale recap, season 8 episode 12 vulture. Like others have stated, the finale of season 3 was, for me, the finale of the series. Stop reading unless you a have seen the season 4 finale of homeland, titled long time coming, or b dont mind having it spoiled like last weeks yogurt we have to.

Carrie pushes the limits with aayan and the isi in the fourth episode of homeland season 4. Season 4 of homeland aired from october 5, 2014 to december 21, 2014. The homeland series finale pushes carrie and sauls ideological. Claire danes returns as a dedicated cia agent in season 4 of one of televisions most powerful drama series homeland returning to showtime on sunday, october 5th at 9 etpt.

Homeland is an american espionage thriller television series developed by howard gordon and alex gansa, based on the israeli series prisoners of war created by gideon raff. The fourth season of the american television drama series homeland premiered on october 5, 2014, and concluded on december 21, 2014, on showtime, consisting of 12 episodes. Homeland keep your enemies close official clip season 3. Jon retorts that grenn, the man who killed mag and was killed by the giant in turn, came from a farm. In august 2016, the eighth season was announced, which will be the final season and premiere on february 9, 2020. This fourth season has seemed at many times like a defiant, even sassy take that to homeland s oftcriticized shortcomings in previous yearsfrom the elimination of the entire brody family. Homeland closes repetitious season 6 with death, paranoia and sadness. Season 4, episode 9, theres something else going on in short, homeland functions as a closed system in which american might fosters radical resistance. Photos homeland season 5 promotional episode photos episode 5.

Last nights episode of homeland season 4 introduced an exciting twist and mayve inspired saul to jump back. The series stars claire danes as carrie mathison, a cia operations officer. Homeland actually starts its final episode with a nod to where it began with a. Oct 19, 2014 watch homeland season 4, episode 4 iron in the fire. Shes doing all of these radical things not to help a man she loves but because. Homeland recap season 4 episode 4 iron in the fire homeland season 4. Its anyones guess exactly which plotline this episodes title, iron in the fire, was. Dec 22, 2014 its just that the season finale of homeland slowed down at a place where there wasnt much to see. Dec 29, 2014 homeland has continued to ruffle feathers across the globe, after a scene in the season finale sparked outrage in israel by comparing former prime minister menachem begin to a fictional taliban. Dec 28, 2014 whether you enjoyed this finale episode depends on what you expect from homeland but it was, without question, the best season since it began gwilym mumford sun 28 dec 2014 17. The show has been taking criticism for carries development so far in season four. The finale begins with dars own baffling journey, as he heads to one of his surely many interrogation spots.

Season 4 of the spy drama begins with carrie mathison claire danes working as the cia chief of station. A doomed man sock puppets is built on fiveandahalf seasons of drama. Dec 22, 2014 if season three of homeland was dedicated to finally breaking up with the nogoodforanyone brody, season four wasthrough its penultimate episodea most successful rebound. First with the unsavory babydrowning moment of weakness, and now with. The first three seasons focus on mathisons belief that an american prisoner of war, nicholas brody damian lewis was turned by the enemy, and now. Homeland season 4 episode 4, iron in the fire showtime. Long time coming is the fourth season finale of the american television drama series. Cause im a guy who kills bad guysbest line in the whole show. Iron in the fire saw the recruitment of two assets.

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