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Bsa martini 22lr 26 heavy barrel with scope base,nice condition. Important excerpts from that publication can be downloaded from. A17, tq 11 or the tq l5 rifle targets are required for smallbore rifle. Human form and zombie silhouette targets are not approved for use. Millions of young people participate in one or more of the sports annuallyarchery, rifle shooting, shotgun activities, etc. Shooting sports events, activities and training are to be conducted in compliance with all applicable policies, standards and guidelines. Boy scouts of america national shooting sports manual, no. Official nra rifle targets, the national target company, inc. Shooting sports is an important part of our bsa camping operations.

Historic arms resource centre facility for british and commonwealth enfield and other miniature calibre training and smallbore target rifles bsa birmingham small arms co. Jan 09, 2020 bsa optics hunting rifle and pistol scopes, laser, lights and accessories. In order to have a safe and fun shooting sports program, the bsa has set forth safety standards and training for all volunteers and staff who will be in charge of shooting sports activities. Membership with the nra is not required but is encouraged.

Free targets for rifle, pistol and airgun shooting. Hi vis targets icfra targets justified defensive concepts jdc targets modern samurai project rite in the rain telemetrics official nra rifle targets seehit targets all pistol targets nra official and non official law enforcement targets official nra lifesize game targets official idpa and ipsc targets ibs targets target pasters cardboard. Targets at any other distance will cause parallax, which manifests itself as apparent movement of the reticle against the stationary target. Muzzleloading rifles must be recently manufactured, percussionlock only. Rifle safety training test civilian marksmanship program. All targets are available as pdf documents and print on standard 8.

Bsa sold the bicycle business to raleigh in 1957 after separating the bicycle and motorcycle business in 1953. This scope has been designed for all air rifles and high caliber varmint hunting rifles. Nra a32 target light rifle 50 foot this is a printable pdf version of the nra a32 light rifle target meant for use at 50 feet. Printable pistol target 01printable rifle target 01printable airrifle target. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. The shooter can utilize these targets for basic marksmanship, zeroing, and load development. Shooting sports merit badge counselor requirements and registration section 7.

Rifle shooting merit badge requirements 2019 changes. National boy scouts of america publications click on hyperlink to download publication safety guidelines. Nra bsa air rifle postal match purpose the purpose of this postal match is to offer all bsa scouts an opportunity to participate in a nationwide postal competition. National rifle association competitive shooting division attn. Using these targets, explain how to adjust sights to zero a rifle. Boy scouts of america january 4, 2018 instructional rifle. Rifle shooting merit badge information for scouts and leaders. While attending camp, boy scouts and venturers 14 years of age or older can take part in a special shooting experience with opportunities to shoot singleaction.

Teach youth the knowledge, skill and attitude ksa of safe handling of a rifle by participation in a formal rifle shooting curriculum. Emphasize the importance of properly caring for firearms. The five levels have been developed as a planning guide to organize and conduct a safe scouting shooting activity. The following targets can be downloaded and printed on your home printer. As the firearms industrys association, the national shooting sports foundation works to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Airgun targets free 2nd printable seriescustom airgun targets 2nd printable seriesairgun rifle targets 2nd printable seriesairpistolprintable targets. Rifle shooting merit badge and worksheet boy scout trail. If youve been looking into internet marketing or making money online for any amount of time.

Airgun targets 4th printable seriescustom airgun targets 4th printable seriesairgun rifle targets 4th printable seriesairpistolprintable targets. Bsa quick reference shooting sports guidelines anual cub scoutstigerswolfbear webelo the use of pellet air rifles is restricted to webelos scouts in a resident camp setting only. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Using technology developed for military and tactical scopes, bsa optics sweet 17 target riflescope 312x40mm for. Scoutbook boy scouts rifle shooting merit badge requirements. Nra first steps rifle orientation instructors lesson plans. Cooperate with others as to cease fires for target placement and obey all. Airgun targets, free custom targets, free printable targets page 1 3 4 5.

Diagrams and parts lists are available on our website at uk 2 year warranty all new bsa rifles carry a 2 year warranty against faulty parts and labour, this applies to new rifles only and is. When you choose bsa optics scopes you choose quality and perfomance. Rifle shooting merit badge for boy scouts bsa needed. Explosive targets are prohibited at any scout shooting activity. All free printable bullseye targets are available in pdf format. Bsa optics hunting rifle and pistol scopes, laser, lights and. The american rifleman is the offi cial iournal of the national rifle association of america nra. Last time around we talked about my process for how i determine the best pellet to use for a particular rifle. Boy scouts of america january 4, 2018 instructional shooting sports program purpose. Adjust sights to center the group on the target and fire five groups five shots per group. Webelos may use air rifles pellet following current bsa camp standards. According to the target used, each shot in the group must meet the following minimum score. The purpose of this manual is to integrate the bsa rifle shooting merit badge pamphlet with the nra first firearm introduction, responsibility and safety training steps rifle orientation lesson plans to allow those nra certified rifle instructors who teach according to this manual to accumulate the five courses. Explain the need for, and use and types of, eye and hearing protection.

Dan beard council dbc shooting sports organizational chart. The new bsa genesys field target 1040x56sf is an excellent scope for field target shooting and hunting. Nov 14, 20 air gun targets printable air rifle target pdf printable air rifle target air rifle target. Postal program coordinator 11250 waples mill road fairfax, va 22030 please check one. Bsa optics sweet 17 riflescopes especially designed for the.

Shooting sports firearm ranges operating procedures. Using a bb gun or pellet air rifle and shooting from a bench rest or supported prone. Boy scouts of america bsa, the world organization of the scout movement wosm or other. Examples of instructional programs are the boy scout rifle shooting merit. See more ideas about shooting targets, target and rifle targets. On target has a solid relationship with boy scout troops in the local area and we offer boy scout specials to help your scouts complete their rifle merit badge. Shooting 30 arrows in fivearrow ends at an 80centimeter 32inch fivecolor target at 10 yards and. The merit badge counselor must take responsibility to. Jan 01, 2019 shooting sports merit badge counselor requirements and registration section 7. A bsa scout field round of 14 targets and make a score of 90 points date. Bsa cycles ltd was set up in 1919 for the manufacture of both bicycles and motorcycles. Boy scouts of america national shooting sports manual 11 five levels of shooting activities as a scout becomes more proficient in his shooting knowledge, skills, and abilities, the amount of training and range supervision change. Additional charges for non free shipping products, products shipping to remote locations, hazmat products, and large or heavy items still apply. This time we will take the next step and go through setting up your scope so that were ready for a match.

Nra bsa summer camp national competition registration entry form complete this entry form and mail with entry fee to. First steps rifle orientation instructors lesson plans boy scouts of america rifle shooting merit badge teaching guide nra first steps firearm instruction, responsibility, and safety training program. Many nra trained men and women in bsa local councils are willing and available to work with units and youth. For a complete list of these standards, see the links below. National target single 10m air rifle target, red center 100 ct. Gregs guide to field target shooting setting up your scope. Bb rifle at 15 feet or 5 meters using tq 5 targets 8. Help scouts understand the parts of a rifle and different types of ammunition.

Riflescopes equipped with a focusable objective lens allow for parallax correction at various userselect ranges. Using these targets will save time and ammunition, while at the same time providing tighter groups and a better. Rifle and shotgun shooting merit badge has been discontinued. These templates can be printed on any paper, but we found it best to print them on heavy duty 8. All rifles, ammunition, and targets are provisioned in sufficient quantity to run the program for all. Bsa rifle scopes have different reticle designs according to the scope application. Check out 2019 calendar monthly in various calendar formats for free. Airgun targets 4th printable seriescustom airgun targets. Paper shooting targets printable paper shooting targets pistol description. See specific qualifications and training requirements for cub scout shooting sports range masters in the. Airgun rifle targets 2nd printable seriesairpistolprintable targets.

Shooting sports scouting shooting sports purpose of bsa shooting sports shooting sports have the ability to attract and retain youth in the movement. Parkerhale model 2 tunnel foresight or its bsa equivalent the no. Bsa recommenced manufacturing bicycles on their own behalf from 1908. Bsa national shooting sports manual updates november 20. Its 1040x magnification is perfect to aim small targets from long distances. If you are unable to view the targets click here to download adobe acrobat. These targets are in pdf format so they can print to scale on a wide variety of computers. All shooting ranges in the cub scout program must be supervised by a qualified range master who is at least 18 years of age and who meets the minimum requirements. These targets are designed to take advantage of the human eyes natural tendency to center an object within a circle. Targets may be obtained from shooting supply dealers or directly from the manufacturers. On target with scouting the on target with scouting program is designed to support district and council cub scout recruiting efforts through a bsa partnership with daisy outdoor products and their distribution locations walmart, bass pro, academy, big r. For a scope to be parallaxfree the target must be located at the same distance for. There are six targets on the page, and weve squeezed them together a bit to help ensure they fit on a standard 8. Shooting sports standard operating procedures old north state.

On this page you will find the information and resources needed to safely and effectively deliver a quality shooting. These targets are designed for rifles with magnified optics with either mrad or moa adjustments. Download pdf summary the boy scouts of america and the national rifle association nra have worked together for more than 100 years to develop a strong shooting sports program. Know your target and what is beyond wear eye and ear protection as appropriate never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting be aware that certain types of guns and many shooting activities require additional safety precautions range commands commence firing cease firing 23.

Airgun targets free 2nd printable seriescustom airgun. We buy, sell, consign and trade new and used firearms. Explain why bb and pellet air guns must always be treated with the same respect as firearms. Rifle shooting 3 muzzleloaders the following standards for muzzleloading long guns are to be used by members of the bsa. Finally, it is well worth mentioning that the bsa model no. Official nra airgun targets official nra shooting targets. Whether youre looking to cut down on cost or simply want to have the ability to print targets ondemand, download one of our airgun depot printable targets today. Nra official smallbore rifle targets a32 50 light rifle.

Some unusual enfield rifle conversions to smallbore target rifles. Size of targets in yards x divided by the numbers of mills the. Eligibility an individual may enter this match only once per calendar year. National boy scouts of america publications click on. Airgun targets 4th printable seriescustom airgun targets 4th. Describe how you would react if a friend visiting your home asked to see your or your familys firearms.

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