50 caliber musket ball patches

Nov 08, 2017 in detail it is specific to the actual bore size, which could be a true 0. When i went to load the rifle i found the patched bullet to be an extremely tight fit. If you have very little resistance, you know that your rifle s bore is probably larger than just. I do agree about long range stuff i never have shot a deer much over 70 yards with any bp rifle thats why i like using them. If you are using clean burning powders like the swiss, the good old spitpatch will work. I chose to start with patched round balls to get a feel for the rifle before i decide if i want to experiment with conical bullets.

Midsouth carries everything from the muzzleloader, rifle, or pistol you want, to the black powder, sabots, lead balls, and bullets that go in it, in stock and for sale, from great brand like lyman. Traditions performance firearms muzzleloader patch puller. These prelubricated shooting patches are 100% cotton, come in uniform thickness of. If you have a really loose bore a 495 ball may be needed. The ball is then commony patched with a lubricated tightly woven cotton or linen material of around. Created with the same exacting precision as our cold swaged round balls, we designed a special plastic patch that makes these 50 cal. If both can be accomplished, with accuracy and safety, a round ball rifle becomes more effective on big game. Theyre saturated with our natural lube formula that helps. The brands of vintage hunting black powder and guns available on ebay. With a nominally 50 caliber rifle with shallow grooves, a. Generally, the patch should be twice the thickness of the windage.

How to make patches for black powder shooting youtube. It just appeals to my ocd to have perfectly round patches ready to go that i can make in quantity anytime. Midsouth carries everything from the 50 caliber muzzleloader rifle or pistol you want, to the black powder, sabots, and bullets that go in it, in stock and for sale, from great brand like lyman, cva, traditions, tc, pyrodex, blackhorn 209, and many more. Perfectly sized for superior accuracy and performance.

Toby bridges, north american muzzleloader hunting photo above left this 30year old photo shows a much younger toby bridges with an 1,800 pound bison bull, taken with a custom. Use in conjunction with traditions lubed patches or with traditions shooting patches dry and apply traditions ez lube. Theyre saturated with our natural lube formula that helps reduce fouling and lubricates the barrel as you load. The thompson center round ball shooting patches are designed for use in. When choosing black powder bullets, be aware of options with special features to improve performance, such as tips that deliver reliable expansion or reduce bore friction for. I agree with the comment about checking for burned patches, but sometimes that can be caused by too thin a patch, too weak a patching material, or by a new barrel with sharp groove edges. Hey guys, i made a patch cutter from a number 11 cap tin.

Hornady swaged black powder rifle round balls per 100. Hornady round ball muzzleloading bullets brownells. Ball, patch, powder combination to start deer hunting forums. These absorbent cleaning tools are crafted from highly absorbent and gentle 100% cotton, which wont damage the interior of your barrel.

Thompson center lubricated round ball shooting patches. Muzzleloader wads, rifle wads, cap and ball pistol wads and. At the lunenburg gun show i picked up an old traditions 50 cal shenandoah flintlock for pretty much dirt cheap money. The bear grease is best for cold weather and helps lube the barrel as you seat the ball. Thompson center muzzleloading bullets 50 cal 490 diameter.

It was by far the most accurate load in that gun, and while labeled light by a lot of guys, it killed with alacrity. Too tight overall, very hard to load when theres even just a little bit of caking in the barrel. Traditions performance firearms muzzleloader deluxe tubular flask with valve brass thompson center accessories 31007223 powder spout for pyrodex container muzzleloaders black powder flask 50 grain capacity. Traditions performance firearms muzzleloader shooting. Thompson center muzzleloading bullets 50 caliber 490 diameter 175 grain round ball box of 100. These recommendations are considered a safe place to begin but they are usually not the most accurate load. October country lubed daisy patches october country. Click the button below to add the cast round balls. Under stanag 4383, it is a standard cartridge for nato forces as well as many nonnato countries. But i have a long way to go with many things to try. These nonlubricated shooting patches are 100% cotton, come in uniform thickness of. This knight 209 primer ignition 50 cal muzzleloader conversion kit converts black powder guns shooting no.

Speed is more damaging that mass of the projectile. For your round ball needs these 100% lead casted round balls come in. My particular rifle is sensitive to the patch lube used, but not to the extent you are talking about. Choose the right patch size that can cover your ball completely. I shoot a 50 cal flintlock tennessee mountain rifle. Tightly woven cotton patches are resistant to burning. The thickness of the patches and the bullet diameter can be measured. Good evening all, just sitting here musing about a weekend of shooting a new reproduction rifle.

Thompson center 100% cotton round ball shooting patches. Knight muzzleloading 209 primer ignition 50 cal muzzleloader conversion kit. If you use one of the dirtier powders melt 1 parts of beeswax and 8 parts of tallow in a pot. Traditions performance firearms muzzleloader shooting patches. As far as loose fitting patches, i like a tight combo that requires a ball starter to get going.

At least 50 brands provide black powder guns and accessories, some of which include the following. It is easy to determinate the minimum thickness of the material. Heat crisco in lower i3 of pan until melts, then toss in patches to soak up lube, let cool. Mar 31, 2008 in talking with the guy he said his best load was with 65 gr of 3f using a.

Precision shooting patches for round ball track of the wolf. There are a number of different patch and ball combinations but in my experience, mostly with mu. I have been cutting roughly square pillow ticking patches, and got to thinking. This brand is wellknown for all kinds of firearms, which include the 1851 navy colt black powder revolver. They may also recommend a minimum and maximum amount of powder to load in the gun. Perfectly shaped by a coldforming process for consistent diameter and weight, each of these round balls is coated to reduce the hazards of lead oxidation. Flints, knapped or cut gun flints for muskets, fowling guns, rifles, pistols. Proven to reduce fouling and save loading and cleaning time. Traditions firearms is the only muzzleloader company that carries a full line of accessories including loading and shooting tools, cleaning accessories, snap caps, training cartridges. Its not, its perfectly center, right behind the shoulder.

Midsouth carries everything from the muzzleloader, rifle, or pistol you want, to the black powder, sabots, and bullets that go in it, in stock and for sale, from great brand like lyman, cva, traditions, tc, pyrodex, blackhorn 209, and many more. The thompson center lubricated round ball shooting patches are designed for use on. Patch thickness, lube, ball size, powder type, powder charge, etc. Your rifle will either like a 490 gr ball or a 495 depending on the bore tightness. Offered as dry, oiled, wonderlubed, or premium lubed on select sizes. Heres an easy way to make shooting patches for your black powder guns. Traditions performance firearms muzzleloader ramrod accessories pack. Black powder bullets come in significantly larger calibers than most modern hunting rifles, such as. Constant thickness, weave, diameter, weight and thread count help eliminate these variables from your shooting. This seems to be your minimal patch thickness, but in fact it is not. You cant just open that end like a regular rifle, does. Precision made from special tightly woven cotton, to insure uniformity. Note that this is from page 52, on page 74 ball ammunition is listed as 400 grains with 0.

Please note that what patch thickness you use will also play a part in what ball size to use. View cart checkout wish list login you have 0 item s in your cart. Whats the rule for ball size and patch size for a given. Wheelweight alloy balls are hard to load under this rule of thumb, so try to use pure lead balls. Bullets, balls and slugs stonewall creek outfitters. Because of a broken hand, ive not gotten a chance to go out and shoot the patches yet. In addition, youll find no mouldparting lines, air pocket voids or sprue marks that could impede accuracy. The local walmart and the local gun shop both carry. At 100 yards, independent testing has shown reduction in group size by as much as. You determine the correct ball patch combination by experiment. Everything you need to start shooting your blackpowder revolver is in the starter kit except the powder and caps. Self knapped flint there were some amber flints i bought a long time ago that were very old when i got them, really liked those. Traditions performance firearms muzzleloader ballbullet. Round balls in fast twist rifles white muzzle loading.

Precision shooting patches for round ball precision shooting patches. This item traditions performance firearms muzzleloader patch puller worm. Black powder guns are a whole different ball game compared to shooting standard firearms, but are still used for sport, reenactment, and enthusiast shooting. Jan 02, 2008 patch can be cut round or square try 3 times diameter of barrel to start so 1. My question is, which is the best size to use considering the lubed patch. The cartridge itself has been made in many variants. The easiest method to choose the right patch for your round. Jan 15, 2012 sara hartley firing her daddys 50 cal.

I turned 67 years old last month, so to go out and shoot one of the best opensighted 100yard patched round ball groups i have ever shot more than assured me that the. Windage here is the difference between bore diameter and ball diameter. Testing 3 different projectiles out of a thompson center white mountain carbine 50 cal. Musket at 35 yards into a plastic, water filled milk jug. Muzzle loader originals shooting patches 30 through 39 cal. I am wondering if this is considered too big for 45 caliber and 50 caliber. Thin patches arent durable, so youre probably better off with a. Patches are available in 10, 15, 20, and 25 thou thicknesses in most good muzzleloading stores. Ive been hunting with round ball muzzleloaders for more than 50 years.

Thompson center white mountain carbine 50 caliber youtube. We use october country bumblin bear grease to lube the patches. The patch round ball challenge long range hunting forum. It was a bugger to load but shot cloverleafs at 50yds. Black powder muzzleloading shooting accessories buffalo arms. Because it is such a tight fit, i run a wet patch and a dry patch after every shot. Every time the velocity of something doubles, the energy behind it quadruples, so while a musket ball may travel feet per second, a.

Muzzleloader shooting patches, pillow ticking, and bulk strips. In talking with the guy he said his best load was with 65 gr of 3f using a. The twist in a rifle barrel is designed to stabilize the. Muzzleloader round balls lead round balls for sale. To aid in seating your bullet, these thompson center. I was invited to attend a competition type shoot this springsummer that is round ball only, i have 3 different stock 1.

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